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You may not know this about me, but I've always loved planning a good party. And I didn't realize until I was older that it's because I love bringing people together. 

I love that feeling when my friends become friends. 

I love it even more when my friends become friends with my friends friends haha.

That's why I love being a wedding photographer so much. Seeing everyone in a couples lives mingling & coming together to support their love. It's nirvana to me.

But it's also why I love being an educator & hosting my monthly Masterclass. I want to bring you together over a common interest in being better business owners!!

So come together with us & let's get your business where you want it to be... TOGETHER!

Meet The girl behind the vines

Rachel Lucus

Hiiii! I'm Rachel and I created this The Vines @ Greenhouse because I know exactly how overwhelming it can be to get started in your photography business - I mean, it feels like just yesterday I was a struggling photographer who was dealing with the stress of talking to clients & overthinking every single step.

I was focused on being behind the camera but I quickly learned a hard lesson: if I wasn't organized, structured, & efficient in my business, I would never do anything but work.

I've been able to build my photo business to over 6 figures of income, add associate photographers to my team, AND take photos at over 200 weddings. And people started asking how they could replicate the same results in THEIR business too. Which kick-started The Vines!

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Get your shit together Intensives

Want a more customized experience? Intensives with me are 1 on 1 which means they're all about YOU!

What's included:

Four hour, one on one Intensive with Rachel

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two hour follow up support call (scheduled 3-4 weeks after intensive

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Why working with me is different

◦ I’m an enneagram 3w2 which means I’m a competitive helper. I care deeply about helping you succeed & want to see you get there.

◦ You’ll get a look into my actual business & processes, not vague examples or scenarios. 

◦ I firmly believe life is too short to not follow your passions. I want YOU to build a business you’re proud of without sacrificing free time with friends & family. 

◦ I can’t keep a secret to save my life (seriously, ask my friends…) so I don’t hold anything back when it comes to sharing knowledge.

◦ I’ve built a 6-figure photography business with 3 team members in less than 4 years.