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My partner & I feel weird in front of a camera, can you help us?

YES!! This is literally our job. Unless you're a professional model, we would never expect you to know how to move or interact in front of camera. We will make sure to keep things super fun & comfortable for you. Hopefully you'll be having so much fun that you completely forget there's even a camera there!

What is it like to work with greenhouse?

At Greenhouse Photo + Co we offer kickass full-service wedding day photo + video. Our goal is to provide you with the best photos/video, communication, & excitement that we would offer our best friends!! We work hard to keep a can-do, get shit done mindset, partnered with a fun, encouraging, positive attitude. You'll be able to relax & enjoy your photos because WE'VE GOT YOU!! 

what is an associate photographer?

Our associate photographer, Maddie, is an extension of our owner Rachel! Not only does she provide the same style/vibe, but also the kickass Greenhouse experience!! Most of your communication will be with Rachel, Maddie will be looped into everything including all planning. While Rachel will do all editing of your photos, Maddie will be there to capture your wedding day in true Greenhouse Co style! If you want to know more about Maddie, check out our About page!

Are you just a photography Company?

We're not just a photo company! Our amazing wedding videos at Greenhouse are taken by Jen! Just like an associate, Jen is ready to provide the same level of kickass-ery that is expected at Greenhouse! She does all of her own filming & editing, though you may communicate with Rachel just as much. If you'd like to know more about Jen, check out our About page.

What's next??

Feel like we'd click?? YAY!! Our next step is to get you a pricing guide. But we need to know more about your wedding before we can get you one that fits your needs. So reach out now & we can it that rolling!

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GREENHOUSE PHOTO + CO. IS A PNW & destination Wedding & Elopement photography company BASED IN SEATTLE, WASHINGTON.